Magical Whimsical Trippy and True


I drew the dragon as a request from my daughter Ashley.  She was working with kids at our local complex and needed a dinosaur picture.

She was also my assistant cook at Camp  in 2001 at an all girls camp and was also a youth Team Leader. You’ll see her at her finest down below here. Her experience with child care was obviously traumatic, she refuses to produce offspring to this very day.

What should I do with an Angel like you

I can’t seem to shake you you’re sticky like glue

You’re always there when I’m feeling blue

 I thank God for Angels like you

 Your perky and funky a cute little nut

You like to appear at the door of my hut

 Bouncy & jiggly straight for me you strut

 You rock & you roll me up out of my rut

 Your magical whimsical trippy & true

Your presence does sparkle then I become new

Then for you I pray my friend yes I do

Since I know that sometimes, you’re hurting to

 So what should I do with and Angel like you

I can’t seem shake you you’re sticky like glue

 Your not like the others some may say your odd

 It’s true friend your different, Sent to me from God


Ashley isn’t the inspiration for my poem but she is a jiggly little nut.

Judging from her picture here, refusing to produce offspring is a good idea.


8 thoughts on “Magical Whimsical Trippy and True”

    1. now there’s something ive been told before, ummm…..maybe i should seriously consider that, great idea little sis. by the way have i told you lately that i luv you 🙂

    2. all credit of this blog goes to our older wiser sisters Finicky Feida and Breaky Bones. You’d know them to see them. They inspired me and help me out daily.

  1. EBF, what an adorable dragon. If they all looked so cute, I’d get one as a pet. And what a great poem to go along with it.

    I’m sure your daughter is going to be “thrilled” when she sees that picture of her floating around the blogosphere. It’s priceless. 🙂

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