Froggle Wogg Cake photo & recipe


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I hope to showcase a new graphic daily and “when my computer stops giving me so much trouble” I hope to finally figure out how to insert my recipes from word. Until I get the original froggle wogg cake recipe you can try this one:

Go find a froggle frog and put him in your purse or, pocket if you’re a guy. Put a little spit on your hand and pet him so he stays calm until you get home. Find an ice cream pail and dig a hole in the middle of the ice cream (this will be similar to a mud hole for him and he will enjoy it). Drop him in it along with a fly or knat, he is probably hungry now after travelling with you. Now you can woggle him, I don’t know what woggle means but it seems to finish this recipe off pretty good.




For a very short time I ran a bakery in my home. I love to bake as much as I love to design with my art. I use my cartoons to represent and decorate all my products. This was a request for a pirate ship theme birthday cake. Using a photo program I put the little guys face on my cartoon body. There is no secret recipe here, just a chocolate cake with butter cream icing.


8 thoughts on “Froggle Wogg Cake photo & recipe”

  1. Oh, you are too funny. I’m not keen on frogs but this makes them seem rather endearing. 🙂

    I know what Papa Joe is describing as a woggle. I remember my older brother wearing one of those when he was a cub scout.

        1. I might have screwed something up in writing or reading set-up. there is a great big reply box that shows up now that wasn’t there earlier along with a few other things that I didn’t do on purpose.
          Back to blog setup to click on or off more mystery buttons.

  2. Hi Denise!

    I love your poem, woggle and all. (For what it’s worth, when I was a Cub Scout … many, many, many, many, many … well you get the idea … years ago, a woggle was the little leather ring that you put your scarf through to hold it together around you neck. 🙂 )

    – Papa JOe

    1. OLD…LEATHER RING…Now that’s funny. How am I going to work that little tidbit into the recipe….ummm. Maybe and OLD frog with a spiked leather collar and a nose ring. 😆

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