God is perfect love. Perfect Love casts out fear. To believe is a choice, if you choose to believe He will reveal himself to you then you will Know.

God is all-knowing and all-powerful. He will give you His peace that surpasses all understanding.

Be strong and of good courage and know that he is God.

                                                               Just drop and kneel and pray

 The God I worship Jesus Christ The Saviour
Is full of love and hears me everyday
Anytime I find myself with trouble
I quickly drop and on my knees I pray
 I say Jesus how I need your mercy
I say Jesus how I need your grace
I believe in how you came to save me
    But Can’t imagine why you took my place
 I concentrate on him and then he moves me
 From fear and doubt into his Holy Place
He takes my life and molds it very slowly
It’s there I love to gaze upon his face
His love for me is just a far out miracle
His wisdom strength and love I need each day
He is always there when I’m with trouble
                                                               All I do is drop and kneel and pray

camel for left side page



  1. Maybe not funny Denise. But beautiful. And you don’t have to feel alone being in trouble all the time. As one gets older it’s easy to feel like you’re now in control and trouble is behind you.

    Then you start getting REALLY old … and they eye sight goes, along with the hearing. Before you know it you’re “seeing” and “hearing” things that no one else is. When you reach REALLY old you’re forgiven these sometimes mistakes. But when you’re just Really old as often as not they’ll at least get you in trouble – if not get your face slapped. 😉

    Thanks for a beautiful post Denise. You’ve got a long way to go to my age. Enjoy your “troubles” while you can. You’ll look back one day and remember them fondly. Honest. 🙂

    Great post. Thanks Denise.

    – Papa Joe

    1. Thanks Papa Joe; once again I’ve received words and advice from WISER people then me today; “whats up with that”! Are you conspiring with my sisters breaky bones and freida fink?
      I was just browsing through my art portfolio and found my next post. It is not a beautiful deeeeeep moving poem, it’s from my “crazy twisted goofy” side once again. I have many personalities, more commonly known as “multiple” 😆

  2. How about when you get into trouble, and you survive it, laugh at yourself and carry on with life. That’s what I do :). But, of course before I laugh at myself, I make sure that I’ve learned something from it :D.
    What do you think :)?

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