The Art of a Baker…My published work

I tried to run a small bakery in my home for a little while. I figured it would be a good platform to build a small home business doing things I love to do so I got creative with both baking and art combined. I called it Cartoon Kitchen and my tag line was the art of a baker. It did well enough but I wasn’t able to keep up to the demand for my homemade bread without a large dough mixing machine so I shut it down. In developing my kitchen I created my cartoons and started writing comedy style recipes and ingredient labels. For fun I continued to write, sketch and teach myself how to produce my cartoons on the computer. I still bake for not for sale. I garden and have discovered the joys of backyard chicken farming. I’ve designed greeting cards, shopping lists, calendars, books and the list goes on. Hope you enjoy it here and have some fun

 Getting published is easy. I got all the necessary ingredients, computer, printer, paper, binding machine, plastic bindy things, taught myself a few computer skills, designed my stuff, printed out the pages bound them up together for use and sale. That’s what published means to me?

My Perfect Cookbook; It has recipes, budget forms, house cleaning sheets, and a pet section with recipes and a petsitting checklist. It’s a colorful book with lots of humor.

This is a baby dog book album I did up for something to do. It is also very colorful and very funny.

This is a little notebook I made. It is also bound and has lined pages inside. It’s for keeping notes (duh)

Here is one of my graphic envelope designs. I really do use it and others I’ve made when I send mail. I don’t use the Promise part, that would be crazy.

Now go and get your own self published!


8 thoughts on “The Art of a Baker…My published work”

  1. Hi Denise,
    You are gifted with an abundance of talent. I am very humbled since drawing a stick figure is difficult for me. I love your little notebook. I might try my hand at dressing up a journal. hahahahaha!
    Dwelling on grammar is like not buying a new car because the hood ornament is askew.?! I question my grammar skills all the time. A fellow blogger told me “you learn by doing”. Just keep doing it. At times I miss, but it’s ok. We have google!

    1. Thanks Barb. Some of my most favorites sketches that make me laugh till i cry are the stupid sticklike doodles I do. It’s way more fun drawing something rediculous then putting time into a nice sketch, and… it doesn’t take as long…hey! new topic idea. submit your “quick art” lets get some good laughs going and show off the talent-less artists in you. My bad art is as bad as my good art is good. What do you think Barb, good idea? It could also include a goofy story or a poem.

      1. Oh man, I have to draw and…write. sigh!
        Ok I am up for it. I need some time for the writing. Sometimes it rushes at me and other times it is slower than a snails on ice.
        Good idea.

  2. Hi Denise, this is great. You are very talented.

    Some people use proper punctuation… and “all that jazz.” Some write, sketch, do computer graphic design, bake, garden, play with chickens, design greeting cards/shopping lists/calendars/books….

    Hmm, what’s the question? If I had my pick I think I’d choose the latter. Give yourself credit for all that you do so well. Blogging is a way to improve your skills in the other areas and you are on your way. 🙂

  3. Congratulations Denise! Yep, in my book that’s what getting published means. I’d be very happy with that. 🙂

    Difference is … you’ve got talent. 😉

    – Bob

    1. Thanks but where’s the wonderful talent payday Bob? and how I wish I had better writing skills. Honestly, sometimes I am so embarassed about proper grammar use, punctuations, spelling and all that jazz. You and so many others definately have that one up on me. I’m always so hesitant to hit (publish) for that reason. Thanks for the compliment though, I appreciate it.

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