Dutch Baby Breakfast quick simple delicious


 A very tasty quick simple breakfast idea from my Mother In Law…thank you Susan.

Preheat oven to 425F

1 cup flour

4 eggs

1 cup milk

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup margarine

Place margarine in heavy oven proof saucepan

Place in pre-heated oven

Mix in large bowl the milk, eggs, flour and salt until smooth

Take pot out of oven and pour this on to melted margarine

Cook about 20 minutes until puffy and golden

Top with syrup or fruit sauce


This recipe is so delicious and easy I rate it a 5 star winner

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3 thoughts on “Dutch Baby Breakfast quick simple delicious”

  1. Ha Ha I love the chicken cartoon. Your poll needs making narrower, I could only just see the edge of the vote button & it took me a while to notice it. It’s breakfast time I better go searching for a Dutch Baby to eat. Muhhahaha

    1. thanks for letting me know Tony, i gotta say I enjoy your visits and I dont know what the hecks going on in my site? it looked fine the last I saw. oh well it was just a test for me anyway to try new things. I took it out cause it was quicker then adjusting 😀 so did you eat some dutch babys for breaky? that sounds sick…but it’s really good, and it looks awesome when its done, all puffy and golden, umm yummy. im having such a time with my computer for so long now, i often cant get online and when i do something not working here properly so i dont do to much work on here anymore my last post took all day for those 2 pictures, thats retarded.

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