Envelopes & Stationary I design





9 thoughts on “Envelopes & Stationary I design”

  1. Hi there,
    Hope you are well. Every time I stop by I admire your artistic talent, as I have none. Now it has dawned on me who your art style reminds me of. One of my favs Berkeley Breathed. Of course, yours has that eddybetty touch which is perfect.
    Summer is sorta here, gotta love that!

    1. Summer is indeed here. I have been neglecting my blogg in order to get caught up in my yard, much to do. I have given away my ducks and chickens in order to build a bigger coop. I miss them. I don’t know this artist but I am now curious so I will look them up. Thanks for stopping in and for the comment. I figured I was gone so long I would be understandably fogotten. We are desperately working to put a roof on and insulate before winter hits. I don’t beleive I’ll be on my blogg until these important issues are finalized. Thanks again Barb

    2. just checked out berkeley breathed. huge compliment being compared to a real artist like that, thank you

        1. I will be back here very soon now. My yard is as done as I can get it now that fall is here and my new coop and pen are in place. I have a bit to do but the basics are looked after. A lot has changed around here this summer. I do have 8 new chickens now. Today I am putting a few more windows in the new coop which is a nice big shed/barn that has been sitting around since we bought this place storing stuff we never used. It is in awesome shape other than the door that is starting to deteriote. It will be replaced with a new door in a day or so. I hope to paint it before snow flies but time is runnning out and I haven’t made up my mind on the color scheme yet. Just writing this little bit after so many months makes me miss blogging all the more. I am anxious to continue writing and story telling again.

  2. Love these! While the wife and kid are gone during the day, I am here alone with our two goofy cats. Gotta love the cats! Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll, I am happily adding you to mine as well! Have a great day eh?! 🙂

    1. Hi! and thank you. I wasn’t looking for that but I appreciate it. I love to laugh and make fun of people and pets in my family. I see you are a long time blogger. you’re a very funny and interesting writer. I enjoyed your read very much. With serious physical limits or as in my case heartbreaking illnesses that we try to deal with in life. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. In my immediate family one of my daughters has progressive ms and my husband suffers with with severe depression. I work very hard everyday to “not cry and fall apart. If I didn’t have a relationship with The Lord I would be….I don’t know what I’d be but it wouldn’t be good. Some of my humour is harsh but oh well, sometimes thats how I feel.

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