Gods wonder; the common sparrow

I am dedicating this post to God.

Only He could show us the beauty and wonder in the otherwise dull grey common sparrow.

His wonder fills me, satisfies me and moves me.

Thank you Lord

The perspective of many towards the common sparrow is that they are nothing more than a nuisance and destructive. Known to farmers as flying mice. I can understand and except that opinion but to me they are beautiful. I am captivated and endeared to them.

In my post “why I’ve been gone so long” I talk about work I’ve done in my yard. I show a picture of my front yard creation. My initial idea was to create a bird paradise to attract beautiful song birds. I attracted sparrows instead with the odd song bird, a few larger birds such as the collared dove, pileated woodpecker and a predator hawk. They are all magical and I have been truly blessed by their appearance. At first I was disapointed in the sparrows as they did chase off the song birds but as time went on I realized how fortunate I was. The common sparrow, they are indeed a gift from above.


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