Heartache Pain & Sorrow…because Gods best traits are in us

Why do we deliberately cause ourselves pain and heartache. What is the driving force that surpasses all our intelligent reasoning. What makes us abandoned safety and risk enduring sorrow.


Meet Maddy, love of my life. I was smitten by her face the day she was offered to me. She is a sick pup with a grade 4 heart murmur so the breeder cannot sell her. Heart murmurs in large breeds are fairly common but not necessarily an early death sentence. Some outgrow them if the degree is not to high such as a 1,2 or 3 with 4,5,and 6 being quite serious, but still, she does stand a chance at a happy life as my God is in control.

I have researched her breed Dogue De Bordeaux or French Mastiff and have found some excellent breeders who are wonderful with their support and advice. I have put her on a B.A.R.F diet (bones and raw food is one way to explain it) and I keep a Mother Hen eye on her 24/7.

She was the largest of her litter so that is a very good sign since low energy and low weight are indications that a pup is not doing well. She adopted both Trooper my male Rottweiler and Shadow my Terrier without hesitation and they her, well…at first they did anyway. Shadow is now questioning why I brought this terrorizing handful home.

Maddy is a sweet sweet sweet gentle pup with a silky soft coat, 2 of the best  traits common in the breed. She shows mild interest in our cats and chickens but yet would like to kill my vacuüm, my broom and any big heavy thing I need to drag along the ground outside.

I can’t help but relate my feelings towards her as God towards us. In the bible God tells us “I knew you before you were born” He  knew how we would break his heart  but even so, he chose to leave the comfort of heaven and endure sorrow.

I knew Maddy was sick and there is a risk she will break my heart, but I chose to love her anyway.

I have an amazing sister on an acreage that goes out of her way by an hour each day to feed and care for 2 precious cats that someone dumped off on the road. One kitty had a litter and my sister faithfully cares for both cats, hoping to one day soon see the babies so she can give them to good homes.

Why do we deliberately choose heartache and pain and risk enduring sorrow, we do because of Love…we do because Gods best traits are in us.

Maddy…My Love. We have extremely high and reasonable hopes of her natural guard instinct taking over so she can protect all of us here. It’s a big scary world after all!

Bob however doesn’t feel she is taking things seriously enough

Wake up you fat little thing
Are you serious, that is not guarding
We object to this undignified little porker watching us
Noisy brats, when I’m bigger I’ll try squishing them


5 thoughts on “Heartache Pain & Sorrow…because Gods best traits are in us”

  1. This is a story of Love and Compassion,all creation yearn for this , i love this approach.Blessings Denise, How like God you touched Maddy’s life!

  2. All living creatures need to experience love. As “keepers” of the earth, it is part of why we are here.
    EddyBetty, What a nice post. Great photos. Thank you for sharing them. The comment above by Joy said it so well….”He put love in our hearts so we would catch a glimpse of who He is”

    1. Thank you Barb, yes my Sis said it well and so did you. We are to be keepers of all the beauty he gave us to enjoy.

  3. It’s great to finally post again and even nicer to see your comment.

    I see Gods love everyday in his creatures. He has created us all unique and yes I believe he causes us all to know him through the specific desires and passions he has placed in our hearts.

    Thanks for visiting Sis

  4. Welcome back! It’s great to see you blogging again. I like the way you compared our love for animals with God’s love for us. I guess He put that kind of love in our hearts so we would catch a glimpse of who He is.

    And you have included some great shots of Maddy and friends with such humorous captions. She looks huge in the solo shots but so tiny in the one with your cat trying to swat her. So adorable!

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