Maddy Trooper and Shadow…the Muts we love.

No Maddy, this will eat you
Wow! it is eating me
Maddy! your young I’m old, this isn’t working for me
So, these are chickens
I AM smiling, this IS my happy face
I said no pictures today
I just need to see what you ate
Good girl be still, that means no one can see you

 Hope you enjoy these shots as much as the fun I had taking them. Trooper is a fabulous guardian for my Maddy. Shadow is getting too old for Troops heavy duty ways so I thought a heavy duty girl was in order. She is my little lover girl and Troop is my handsome lover boy. Shadow still has it in him though to keep the mice population down and keep an eye on everything that moves.


2 thoughts on “MADDY…MY MASTIFF MUT and her BUDDIES”

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