Just jump said the cat

Meet Eddy, he’s a rotten animal.

Eddy is one of our 3 fur-bearing demons. He isn’t always nice. He is usually mean and sneaky. We have to guard Maddy our new pup from him for a while, at least until she’s big and smart enough to run away fast and hide. Eddy and the other cats do have an outdoor kennel that leads into the house but they usually prowl outside. We figured Maddy would be safe with Eddy behind bars….but we were wrong.


Hey pup! you look so quick and clever. Don’t waste your brain on a ball, your swift enough to fly.

Fly? sounds like fun…Big drop though…you sure?


It ain’t rocket science kid, sure we’re sure, just jump.

The cats say I’m clever and my brains on a ball so I will fly and will not fall.

Am I flying, is this good, doesn’t feel good, you sure I’m good.

Oh sure sure… don’t worry you’re good


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