UGLY…would you do it again, to be who you are and have what you have?

We all have a past and many are ugly. Someone suggested I write a story about my ugly in order to help others. If I do that some people will be very hurt; so I won’t just yet. People ask the question; knowing what you know now, would you do your ugly all over again?

I answer without hesitation YES. I wouldn’t want my life to be without my children and they came from my ugly past.

I ask myself why I went through my ugly alone with no one for support. But when I look at all I’ve grown and learned in spite and because of it, I see that it is good.

I like who and where I am, I know that I am strong.

What about you? Would you go through your ugly again?

And the Lord said he would take what the devil meant for harm and make it good.


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