BEAUTY AND THE BEAST…if a heart worships beauty what should happen to that heart if beauty is no more?

Beauty and The Beast

as I sat at my computer window enjoying my yard and dogs a family walks by….

The other day I met a woman while walking my dogs. As I approached her I started chatting as I saw she wanted to talk. It was obvious to me she was a special needs person, her speech was slow mixed up and simple, her walking gait awkward and unbalanced.

She spoke of how school was not a good place when she was younger; but still she stood in front of her high school reminiscing.

My heart went out to her for I also felt the pain of rejection in school and know how it can destroy you, we parted ways.

The next day while working in my yard she came down our neighborhood with her boy and daughter. Her boy was handicapped and so disfigured that I was slightly shocked and taken  aback.

His half nose was squished into his face, his eyes were off-center and of unequal size, his mouth pushed in and crooked. He was tall and thin with a hunched back. His age was hard to guess, 12 to 15 I suppose. The daughter looked normal. They stopped at the salon across the street from me for haircuts but the shop was closed. As they turned to go back I felt awful as the heat was intense that day. We were having a hot spell and I knew how far they walked.


They showed up again the next day but the salon was still closed and I once again felt terrible for their determined but futile efforts walking in such heat so I called out from my window and offered them each a cold can of pop.

I spoke with them a bit and I noticed the daughter was examining me for my motives. I’m sure she was questioning whether I cared or just wanted a close up of her “freak brother” some, might see as a beast.

After a few moments of chatting I could see her eyes soften and that is when I knew she was comfortable with my intentions. I bet that this girl, this young teenage girl of no more than 16 years, guards and protects her Mother and Brother from an onslaught of cruel comments and stares they most assuredly receive daily. I felt great respect towards her.

It was an extremely humbling experience to meet this family of such misfortune and feel the joy and happiness they had while we conversed and  enjoyed the cold drink.

I’m a passionate girl. I am passionate about most things and personal beauty is one. I passionately hate the importance and pressure placed on people to be pretty. I hate with all my heart that so many people take the credit for a gift from God.

If we would cherish and seek only a beautiful heart we would castrate shallow vanity and eliminate hurt that some people have to live with. I appreciate beauty in everything, I am an artist and designer and work tirelessly to create a beautiful home and yard but personal beauty has the lowest value in my heart. I am grateful to God that I have no physical or mental disability but also at times I feel guilt.

In my youth, lack of self-confidence inspired the need and drive to be as beautiful as I could; but as I grew in maturity and observed human behavior, vanity lost its appeal. I now have little to no interest in how good I look each day. It would be rather foolish to put forth effort in that area anyway as my current family includes 1 dirty welder husband and a 100 pound cat turd eating drooling mastiff mutt.

That’s a 100 pound mutt… not cat turd.

If a heart worships physical beauty what shall happen to that heart if their beauty is no more and the beast should now exist.

5 thoughts on “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST…if a heart worships beauty what should happen to that heart if beauty is no more?”

  1. I recall you telling me that you had met these folks one day,… Bravo! All of us were put here to love the Lord and to love one another. … I very much value, that you and I share the same sense of brotherhood, stewardship and love when it comes to all of Gods family. Love you honey. We all need to change the scope of our radar somewhat,… to see and appreciate,.. the creators “little gems”.

  2. Wow, what insightful comments. Something everyone of us should consider seriously. It sure makes me want to take time to absorb more deeply this profound message you have offered us in your writing. Thank you.

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