Diningroom Table Masterpiece

Christmas 2014, I received a gorgeous and expensive dining room table. I use a lot of imagination and temporary props in my life while waiting for something free, affordable or until I design and make one myself. This pedestal table below on the left is a table top from a nice round living room table I had but found to be awkward. I took it off the base and stuck it on a corner cupboard that I had not yet installed in the kitchen. I really liked the style and coziness that a round table offers, it was perfect unless you leaned on the edge.


When I received my new table and chairs this past Christmas from one of my sisters it stunned my senses, I knew I was getting a table but didn’t know how beautiful it would be.

It was perfectly gorgeous and came with two leaf ends. The only problem was an artistic piece of wood underneath that prevented more than 1 chair to be tucked snugly out of the way. I knew I had to change this so I pondered my dilemma.

Eureka another brainstorm! I decided to remove the fancy wood artwork under the table and this would allow two chairs to be tucked in on each side. My new problem was now my table looked more like a Friendly Giant prop and the dogs were taller then it.


I told my husband I will get some round wood pieces (dowels) that were the same thickness as the table legs, drill holes in the middle of them and stick them onto the long screw bolts between the table leg and the foot. This would raise the height back to normal. After 25 years Husband is use to my renovating ways, he simply raised his brows and went to work.

DSCF8073Husband came home from work and proudly produced beautiful steel rings he made for me to finish my table leg project.

DSCF8072I now have these awesome steel rings to fit onto large screw bolt.The steel rings are not only a perfect fit but more importantly they also matches other kitchen furniture.


New ingeniously altered kitchen table now fits two chairs on the sides and even matches the fridge.

Maybe I’ve inspired you to think outside the box for your decorating challenge and become a Handy-woman Construction Pro like me.

eddybettyshreddy copyright


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