I am much more than that

I came across interesting thoughts and conversation this morning while responding back to bloggers who have visited and liked my blog or post. The topic for discussion that grabbed my attention involved photographers and artists. http://leannecolephotography.com/ and  http://cristianmihai.net Thoughts expressed were both interesting and complex, I really enjoyed all that I read and saw. Leanne Cole has fantastic photography and Cristian Mihai is an exceptional writer. In order to comment on the post I searched my mind for thoughts to share, this is what I said…


There is art in all of life, sketching, painting, photography, cooking, bodybuilding, our skill sets have no end. The decision of who does it well or with excellence is in the mind and eye of the beholder. Maybe who we are is mistakenly described from a passion or interest we practice and exercise, some have many talents, interests,skills and passions but shouldn’t who we are come from a deeper place within.

God is the creative artist responsible for all of life but when asked who or what is God the answer is The all-knowing all-powerful omnipresent force of love.

For years I struggled with who I was when I placed the need for a talent to describe me. I have many interests and do many well, I also do many terrible and enjoy them just the same. I have come to the realization that what I do is not who I am but rather an activity to practice and enjoy as I live and breathe each day. Stemming from that cord of truth I realized and discovered who I am. I am a woman brought forth into this world by a loving God who desired a loving relationship with me and all of you. As a loving parent wishes for their children to care and know them, this is the heart of God. As a parent gives gifts to a child to use for their benefit and the benefit others, this is the desire of God.

If you rely on your physical actions to dictate who you are, then what if you should lose your ability to function. Would this not attract the same sad existence as I wrote about in my post of those who base their lives on beauty… Beauty and the Beast

Who would have thought asking “what are you” photography or artist could prompt such intricate discussion.

I thank God each day for all that I have and for all I am able to do. I express this thankfulness when I create with words, sketch pictures, take pictures, write poems or build chicken pens and play with my pets. I do and truly love it all but I hope that I am never considered to “BE WHAT I DO”  but rather how I embrace others, someone with a welcoming  heart. I am Denise and hopefully I am thought of in a good way to those that matter. I am not the talents I have, I am much more than that; but yet at times I also describe and consider myself and worth by what I do.

When my last breath delivers, and tears with sorrow flow

Among my earthly family friends and strangers I did know

My heart will surely cry sweet bitter tears if should they say

A master with the pen and paint, but love was far away

A tree did not escape nor flower silent in the night

Nor breathe from creatures caught in fragile plight

Escape was naught for those with beauty to behold

The click of crystal eye did keep a prison for each soul


eddybettyshreddy copyright


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