Maddy don’t be scared my sweet, I love you

Do you love your dog so much that you just want to squish her silly? I do, and sometimes I do… and sometimes I just hug her warm and tight.

I have to be careful with my Maddy, though she is a French Mastiff and absolutely without question the MOST sensitive dog I have ever seen, she is very sensitive.

Sensitive and scared, maybe she’s better described as suspicious, yes suspicious…who am I kidding she’s sensitive and scared.

Other than two more dogs in our home Trooper my Rottweiler  and Shadow a Wheaten Airedale cross there is only myself and my husband, kids are gone and they were long gone before Maddy joined our pack 2 years ago, yet she is instantly alarmed then growls and barks at every noise we make; whistling, walking, coughing, choking and occasional bean soup butt puffs.

She is a sluggish sloppy drooly mutt but yet freakishly fast on the draw. Her fast and fearless base tone alert for the danger we present in our every day living sends my heart into a blood pumping panic without fail through the entirety of each day.

In-spite of the bear brawling history representative of her breed my Maddy is a chicken through and through. I am forced to project a gentle soft sweetness when I discipline her in order to achieve any success in obedience at all, otherwise she’ll drop and tail tuck, you can’t move a Mastiff when they’re down.

With all her quirks and oddities and yes the goober slime and slobber that is sure to swing my way, I am completely smitten by her every move and tender way. A sweeter dog I’ve not had nor one so calm and gentle once simple threats subside and she gentle brushes near, submits and dwells beneath my gaze, that’s when with passion I’ll embrace her face give kiss and softly say, Maddy don’t be scared my sweet, I love you.

DSCF5811dogs 017maddy water 013

eddybettyshreddy copyright


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