ABOUT MY BLOG betterhomeskeepducks

 I started this blog in 2011 with absolutely no intelligent direction or purpose and I didn’t know what a blog even was but, I’m always ready to try something new to fry my brain so If you like the mix of learning while laughing  see  Her Permanent Face  or  Her home is cold and scary with rodents in the walls if you want to laugh and learn nothing see Meet Bud the Stud Santas new lead hand  and his weed fried brain partner Merry Moo. I also write just enough drama to stay grounded with Beauty and the Beast  and I am much more than that  so you might like it here.

I stay busy with my dogs, ducks and chickens, photography, writing, sketching, cooking and creative home renovations so you’ll find great pictures here with either good information, a true story or a really fun fake fable like cats in a bean can  it’s a totally absurd and ridiculous  fake fable; you’ll like it as well as some down right nutty baking lessons…real recipes in my own cartoon format cookbook nerd bird bread or peanut butter fudge fairies

I am not an expert tech and am always trying to learn. I’ve changed my blog name 3 times already (eddybettyshreddy & creative imagination) since my blog isn’t about any one “thing” but now I’m stuck for good on this new name Betterhomeskeepducks. I’ve also changed my theme a few times trying to get the look I see in my head but have trouble making happen, there’s a crap load of stuff I don’t understand and other stuff that I can’t get working the way it’s suppose to “like my page formats” but eventually things will click and I will have a beautiful interesting user-friendly blog.

I am really loving the look of this new theme and the fact that I get to do this blog thing…I send much thanks to the www.wordpress.com  team.

I hope you really like it here and have the time to comment, comments are exciting and always make me smile.

eddybettyshreddy copyright


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