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The Art of a Baker…My published work

I tried to run a small bakery in my home for a little while. I figured it would be a good platform to build a small home business doing things I love to do so I got creative with both baking and art combined. I called it Cartoon Kitchen and my tag line was the art of a baker. It did well enough but I wasn’t able to keep up to the demand for my homemade bread without a large dough mixing machine so I shut it down. In developing my kitchen I created my cartoons and started writing comedy style recipes and ingredient labels. For fun I continued to write, sketch and teach myself how to produce my cartoons on the computer. I still bake for not for sale. I garden and have discovered the joys of backyard chicken farming. I’ve designed greeting cards, shopping lists, calendars, books and the list goes on. Hope you enjoy it here and have some fun Continue reading The Art of a Baker…My published work