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ABOUT MY BLOG betterhomeskeepducks

 I started this blog in 2011 with absolutely no intelligent direction or purpose and I didn’t know what a blog even was but, I’m always ready to try something new to fry my brain so Continue reading ABOUT MY BLOG betterhomeskeepducks


Desperate for relief I did the unthinkable, I made a poster, hung it on my front door and waited for the cops

I was at my wits ends living next door to bad neighbors. The booze and crack parties they enjoyed most days and every night always prompted their 4  dogs to participate in uncontrollable and excessive barking . I was so desperate for relief that I did the unthinkable, I made a poster and hung it on my front door and waited for the cops. Continue reading Desperate for relief I did the unthinkable, I made a poster, hung it on my front door and waited for the cops

Cats in a Bean Can

Will a cat really fit in a bean can?


Once upon a time, down in dung beetle alley in the middle of New Orléans, there lived a little mouse family. Marvin and his wife Mrs. Marvin. They met each other while sampling low sodium red kidney beans, side by side at the local low income organic bean market.

  Marvin was intoxicated by her aroma and captivated by her child-bearing hips. He felt desirous gurglings in the lower half of his body so he proposed to her that night. She said “yes” and he placed a low sodium kidney bean can lid on her head to seal the deal. As man and wife they were now legal to explode into feverish love-making sessions, and they did…often….very often.

Marvin built an exquisite home with red pickle kidney bean vines and a  dung beetle ball playground for the children they would have. They had  many love-making sessions and produced a bean house full (863) of little Marvin babies.

 Mrs. Marvin lost her fine figure after baby 863. She got cranky and hot-flashed daily. Marvin was scared of her and slept in…

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How to build a dumb duck water dish

Getting creative with dumb ducks and drinking water in winter

Having a small backyard flock of ducks in winter can be a pain in the quacker. I have Muscovy ducks and even though they don’t spend the majority of their time enjoying water like other breeds they still jump in a tub of water and get cleaned up. My biggest problem was all my Muscovy ducks failed obedience training, they refused to adhere to the rules about bath time in the winter, which were few and simple. Continue reading How to build a dumb duck water dish

I am much more than that

I came across interesting thoughts and conversation this morning while responding back to bloggers who have visited and liked my blog or post. The topic for discussion that grabbed my attention involved photographers and artists. and Thoughts expressed were both interesting and complex, I really enjoyed all that I read and saw. Leanne Cole has fantastic photography and Cristian Mihai is an exceptional writer. In order to comment on the post I searched my mind for thoughts to share, this is what I said… Continue reading I am much more than that

Maddy don’t be scared my sweet, I love you

Do you love your dog so much that you just want to squish her silly? I do, and sometimes I do… and sometimes I just hug her warm and tight.

I have to be careful with my Maddy, though she is a French Mastiff and absolutely without question the MOST sensitive dog I have ever seen, she is very sensitive.

Sensitive and scared, maybe she’s better described as suspicious, yes suspicious…who am I kidding she’s sensitive and scared.

Other than two more dogs in our home Trooper my Rottweiler  and Shadow a Wheaten Airedale cross there is only myself and my husband, kids are gone and they were long gone before Maddy joined our pack 2 years ago, yet she is instantly alarmed then growls and barks at every noise we make; whistling, walking, coughing, choking and occasional bean soup butt puffs.

She is a sluggish sloppy drooly mutt but yet freakishly fast on the draw. Her fast and fearless base tone alert for the danger we present in our every day living sends my heart into a blood pumping panic without fail through the entirety of each day.

In-spite of the bear brawling history representative of her breed my Maddy is a chicken through and through. I am forced to project a gentle soft sweetness when I discipline her in order to achieve any success in obedience at all, otherwise she’ll drop and tail tuck, you can’t move a Mastiff when they’re down.

With all her quirks and oddities and yes the goober slime and slobber that is sure to swing my way, I am completely smitten by her every move and tender way. A sweeter dog I’ve not had nor one so calm and gentle once simple threats subside and she gentle brushes near, submits and dwells beneath my gaze, that’s when with passion I’ll embrace her face give kiss and softly say, Maddy don’t be scared my sweet, I love you.

DSCF5811dogs 017maddy water 013

eddybettyshreddy copyright

Diningroom Table Masterpiece

Christmas 2014, I received a gorgeous and expensive dining room table. I use a lot of imagination and temporary props in my life while waiting for something free, affordable or until I design and make one myself. This pedestal table below on the left is a table top from a nice round living room table I had but found to be awkward. I took it off the base and stuck it on a corner cupboard that I had not yet installed in the kitchen. I really liked the style and coziness that a round table offers, it was perfect unless you leaned on the edge.


When I received my new table and chairs this past Christmas from one of my sisters it stunned my senses, I knew I was getting a table but didn’t know how beautiful it would be.

It was perfectly gorgeous and came with two leaf ends. The only problem was an artistic piece of wood underneath that prevented more than 1 chair to be tucked snugly out of the way. I knew I had to change this so I pondered my dilemma. Continue reading Diningroom Table Masterpiece

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this post is not in the post slider position, my garden pictures were suppose to be in the slider, can’t get it to work. I made it work before but not anymore, anyone out there have any help for me.


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST…if a heart worships beauty what should happen to that heart if beauty is no more?

Beauty and The Beast

as I sat at my computer window enjoying my yard and dogs a family walks by….

The other day I met a woman while walking my dogs. As I approached her I started chatting as I saw she wanted to talk. It was obvious to me she was a special needs person, her speech was slow mixed up and simple, her walking gait awkward and unbalanced.

She spoke of how school was not a good place when she was younger; but still she stood in front of her high school reminiscing.

My heart went out to her for I also felt the pain of rejection in school and know how it can destroy you, we parted ways.

The next day while working in my yard she came down our neighborhood with her boy and daughter. Her boy was handicapped and so disfigured that I was slightly shocked and taken  aback. Continue reading BEAUTY AND THE BEAST…if a heart worships beauty what should happen to that heart if beauty is no more?

A Dog, A Small Town of Pig Skinners and A Pig Skinning Alarm

Last night I was overtired and not thinking straight. My husband and I were watching a show with audio for the blind. I told him it was stupid, he said no it wasn’t, I said it was retarded to have such a small amount of audio for the blind to actually know whats going on. He said it was enough, I said they should have caption sentences running below the bottom of the screen with more information, he looked at me shook his head and said I was double dumb. Continue reading A Dog, A Small Town of Pig Skinners and A Pig Skinning Alarm


Maddy Trooper and Shadow…the Muts we love.

No Maddy, this will eat you
Wow! it is eating me
Maddy! your young I’m old, this isn’t working for me
So, these are chickens
I AM smiling, this IS my happy face
I said no pictures today
I just need to see what you ate
Good girl be still, that means no one can see you

 Hope you enjoy these shots as much as the fun I had taking them. Trooper is a fabulous guardian for my Maddy. Shadow is getting too old for Troops heavy duty ways so I thought a heavy duty girl was in order. She is my little lover girl and Troop is my handsome lover boy. Shadow still has it in him though to keep the mice population down and keep an eye on everything that moves.

Girls just wanna have fun music video…

I’ve decided to make this video public so my family can see. If you’re not family or a close friend this will not interest you but you will get some good stuff in other areas. Check out my newly edited “About my blog” page, I’ve got a lot going on here. Continue reading Girls just wanna have fun music video…

Heartache Pain & Sorrow…because Gods best traits are in us

Why do we deliberately cause ourselves pain and heartache. What is the driving force that surpasses all our intelligent reasoning. What makes us abandoned safety and risk enduring sorrow.


Meet Maddy, love of my life. I was smitten by her face the day she was offered to me. She is a sick pup with a grade 4 heart murmur so the breeder cannot sell her. Heart murmurs in large breeds are fairly common but not necessarily an early death sentence. Some outgrow them if the degree is not to high such as a 1,2 or 3 with 4,5,and 6 being quite serious, but still, she does stand a chance at a happy life as my God is in control.

I have researched her breed Dogue De Bordeaux or French Mastiff and have found some excellent breeders who are wonderful with their support and advice. I have put her on a B.A.R.F diet (bones and raw food is one way to explain it) and I keep a Mother Hen eye on her 24/7.

She was the largest of her litter so that is a very good sign since low energy and low weight are indications that a pup is not doing well. She adopted both Trooper my male Rottweiler and Shadow my Terrier without hesitation and they her, well…at first they did anyway. Shadow is now questioning why I brought this terrorizing handful home.

Maddy is a sweet sweet sweet gentle pup with a silky soft coat, 2 of the best  traits common in the breed. She shows mild interest in our cats and chickens but yet would like to kill my vacuüm, my broom and any big heavy thing I need to drag along the ground outside.

I can’t help but relate my feelings towards her as God towards us. In the bible God tells us “I knew you before you were born” He  knew how we would break his heart  but even so, he chose to leave the comfort of heaven and endure sorrow.

I knew Maddy was sick and there is a risk she will break my heart, but I chose to love her anyway.

I have an amazing sister on an acreage that goes out of her way by an hour each day to feed and care for 2 precious cats that someone dumped off on the road. One kitty had a litter and my sister faithfully cares for both cats, hoping to one day soon see the babies so she can give them to good homes.

Why do we deliberately choose heartache and pain and risk enduring sorrow, we do because of Love…we do because Gods best traits are in us.

Maddy…My Love. We have extremely high and reasonable hopes of her natural guard instinct taking over so she can protect all of us here. It’s a big scary world after all!

Bob however doesn’t feel she is taking things seriously enough

Wake up you fat little thing
Are you serious, that is not guarding
We object to this undignified little porker watching us
Noisy brats, when I’m bigger I’ll try squishing them

Gods wonder; the common sparrow

I am dedicating this post to God.

Only He could show us the beauty and wonder in the otherwise dull grey common sparrow.

His wonder fills me, satisfies me and moves me.

Thank you Lord

The perspective of many towards the common sparrow is that they are nothing more than a nuisance and destructive. Known to farmers as flying mice. I can understand and except that opinion but to me they are beautiful. I am captivated and endeared to them.

In my post “why I’ve been gone so long” I talk about work I’ve done in my yard. I show a picture of my front yard creation. My initial idea was to create a bird paradise to attract beautiful song birds. I attracted sparrows instead with the odd song bird, a few larger birds such as the collared dove, pileated woodpecker and a predator hawk. They are all magical and I have been truly blessed by their appearance. At first I was disapointed in the sparrows as they did chase off the song birds but as time went on I realized how fortunate I was. The common sparrow, they are indeed a gift from above.

That’s incredible, thats gotta hurt!

I received a wonderful surprise at the expense

of someone else. Here is my very short story

and pics of my new chickens and a super egg

they surprised me with. This is also the new coop

I’ve been renovating for my chickens leisure

and comfort. It is a great size barn style shed

that we have never gotten any use out of other

than to store things we never used. The south

side has been weathered by the sun and is

waiting for a paint jobber (me) along with the

door, new door, cut from new wood, me, should

be interesting.

If you saw my last post you might notice that my

front yard gives no indication to the fact that I

am a backyard chicken farmer. My neighbour calls

me accentric, I don’t know if thats good bad or even

true. I have many many interests, I don’t think

that makes me accentric.

What exactly does accentric really mean.

Odd as in weird

Odd as in different

Different as in not like most.

Unusual but also  interesting

Unusual but seems crazy

I ate the egg as the egg carton wouldn’t close. It was a double yoker. Now I’ve read up on what causes double yokers as people do get them from time to time and it is simply a screw up in the egg processing department deep down in the valley of the production system.

I also read that these hens cannot be bred so theoretically these double yoking chickys will eventually die out, so they say! Chickens wern’t invented yesterday so I say double yokers are here to stay; until they hit the dinner table at least. Not my babys though, I couldnt butcher my girls even if I knew how.

Trade good enough for spectacular in your front yard.

 Re-designing my front yard consumed the better part of spring/summer 2012. I had a decent front yard at first.

yard 010

until the day I decided to separate my dogs from each other. My smaller terrier Shadow was getting too roughed up in battles with Trooper my new Rottweiler. Trooper wasn’t aggresive but Shadow was bent on proving he was pack leader and would continually start a scrap…he never won and would end up beat up so I put up a fence in my front yard and settled him into his new home.

  When we bought our home the front was a hodgepodge of dirt and scrappy plants so we added grass and I put in a pond. Shadow was just a small dog, how much damage could he really do other than wear a strip along the fence yapping at people as they walked by. Continue reading Trade good enough for spectacular in your front yard.

Her home is cold and scary with rodents in the walls

Her home is cold and scary with rodents in the walls? come on! it’s not that bad is it?

Sure there’s an unfinished wall or 2 or 8 but it takes time to build the perfect home.

A  good brisk home is good for a lot of reasons. You don’t need to dig out a root cellar for your garden crop! and if the electric goes out your food won’t go bad 😆 As for the rodents, well that’s hardly a problem, if we can’t trap em we’ll wall them in. 😀

This is a long post but, there are a lot of pictures and besides, do you know me to write anything boring? Continue reading Her home is cold and scary with rodents in the walls


Welcome to my morning ritual!

I endure Dog stuff, Chicken stuff, Horny dogs, Rogue Rouen Ducks and psychotic menopausal dysfunctional moments (cutting my long hair crooked and off at neck length 2 weeks ago in the bathroom at 12pm with small paper scissors) “yup I really did”!

Barb 19, maybe I’ll see you in the nut house one day? Continue reading 13 EASY STEPS TO THE NUTHOUSE