Persistence of an alley cat, brains of a knat

With weather warming you will often find me and my loyal State Trooper outside in my coop. I love critters and all the outdoor work that goes with farm life ūüėÄ just look at this sweet baby face mut of mine, and he’s just as loving and loyal as he looks.

And goofy….he’s mighty goofy and always up for fun.

Play with me and I won’t eat your crazy chickens

But I¬†am not on a farm¬†so I have¬†ingeniously re-created¬†a backyard chicken farming lifestyle in my small town suburbia main street homestead.¬†Some people say and think¬†you can’t have the cake and icing to, I say that’s a crazy saying, that’s what icing is¬†for ūüôĄ¬†One day I hope to be on an acreage but for now this backyard farm will do. Continue reading Persistence of an alley cat, brains of a knat


It’s decided…”We’ll never eat our young”

My freaky little flock of chickens and ducks¬†lay eggs¬†throughout the day, no particular time or place. I received¬†4 eggs this morning and 3 again this afternoon along with my first egg yolk if you can believe that;¬†in case you¬†can’t here’s the picture.


I¬†had to remove it¬†before word got¬†around and¬†the digression¬†to cannibalism began. I reached in, grabbed the yolk with a handful of straw, turned and¬†tripped over my loyal State Trooper. (behind me in his usual spot for egg moochin) Well the yolk dropped, Trooper pounced on it and all hell broke loose.¬†The entire flock swarmed in to snatch it away from him. You probably don’t believe that either….I took a picture.

Troop didn’t leave much pickins¬†for the¬†chickens (hey, another rhyme)

The ducks.. well they were disgusted and left with their dignity in tact while Troop searched……………………

and searched and searched for his next favorite delicacy…ugh

But then the ducks  stopped for an introspective view and quacksession

And decided never to eat their young.

Construction In The Coop


Well thanks to my sisters Finicky Freida and Breaky bones I have yet another addiction. Smoking, coffee and now blogging.

I did take a break from beginning my new blog at “way too early¬†this morning” because my blood sugar¬†dropped suddenly without warning¬†as per¬†usual¬†and I had to eat. Then again about an hour I had to break again to feed and appease my husband, my blood sugar had¬†dropped anyway.

It’s snowing a bit today so twice I had to run out a few times (that sentence makes no sense) climb a ladder and shovel heavy wet snow off my chicken coop, I luv doing that…not. I use to have to break ice also in the ducks water bowl until I bought some de-icers. Works great but now the ducks spend all their time in their “bathtub/toilet”…nice, oh well it beats bringing the silly¬†buggers in and melting frozen poop off their behinds in my tub.

But I do enjoy¬†designing stuff¬†so the other day¬†I¬†engineered a long snow sweeper¬†which was to help me with my chicken care task. It’s really quite pathetic to look at, looks like somethin¬†a 5-year-old¬†made¬†but so far it’s working for me, lets see if I can properly describe it for you.

¬†It’s a 10 foot long piece of skinny metal pole (can’t remember the proper name and Rob’s sleeping so he won’t answer me) with a broken¬†piece of osb¬†board¬† 2 in wide by 4 ft long¬†wrapped real good in white cold hardy tape¬†and taped to the end of my pole¬†in a T shape.

Then because this wasn’t long enough to reach the entire length of my coup I taped a broken wooden broom stick to the metal pole and it¬†looks as crazy as it sounds. Now because the broom handle wasn’t even as long as I needed I wasnt able to tape it up good and solid¬†so when I use this chicken coop roof¬†sweeper (the name I’m¬†going to patent) it bends where the pole is taped to the broom producing a v shape¬†preventing me from using enough pressure to actually grab or push all the snow.

I only ever end¬†up just skimming over the top of the roof¬†if I’m lucky and if that weren’t enough to contend with my roof is not a solid thing either, it’s made of hardware cloth with polyplastic¬†stuff taped on top. So my chicken roof dips and thus my job is pretty near impossible with my bendable chicken coop roof sweeper.

¬†But the best part is yet to come I think, because I taped the plastic poly stuff¬†on top¬†of ¬†the wire roof but from the inside of the coop. The tape I’m afraid is cold hardy¬†so¬†I don’t think I’ll be able to tear it¬†loose this spring¬†from the wire which is stuck real good now to the polyplastic¬†stuff. Snappers, I was going to plant a chicken vegetable garden in the chicken coop this summer, oh hell I’m going to anyway even if the roof is covered in heavy white polyplastic stuff.

Here’s my chicken coop roof sweeper.

Here’s the coop hiding under the winter plastic cover.