NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION… I have a lot of needs and imagination so I invent a lot. I am not a pro builder with man tools but I don’t “need” to be to get a project done, all I need is imagination and a lot of humor if something should turn out looking like crap. Laughing at stupidness rocks my world so even my pitiful projects are considered a great success but then again, sometimes it’s just a huge disaster and I can’t decide to laugh or cry because it took all day to build.


That’s when I go inside and ask my husband for help. He’s not always keen on helping anymore since in the past I’ve re-done a lot of his really exceptional work then gone back to him for help again…but sometimes he does.

I expect my ideas for building stuff with continue as long as I live but my goal is only until all my needs are met. Since I still have a lot of needs such as pens for the goats, cows, horses, pigs, and sheep I want and an acreage or farm to put them on I’m going to be busy building for while.

I hope my projects inspire you to get some good stuff built that you need and I hope you don’t always expect perfection…sometimes a laugh is better.

eddybettyshreddy copyright


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