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I’ve been a backyard chicken and duck farmer for about 5 years now but I’ve never had day old chicks yet. I got my first little brood of chicks in the mail this morning, March 6 2014 and am terribly excited. Continue reading BROODING CHICKS


How to build a dumb duck water dish

Getting creative with dumb ducks and drinking water in winter

Having a small backyard flock of ducks in winter can be a pain in the quacker. I have Muscovy ducks and even though they don’t spend the majority of their time enjoying water like other breeds they still jump in a tub of water and get cleaned up. My biggest problem was all my Muscovy ducks failed obedience training, they refused to adhere to the rules about bath time in the winter, which were few and simple. Continue reading How to build a dumb duck water dish

Trade good enough for spectacular in your front yard.

 Re-designing my front yard consumed the better part of spring/summer 2012. I had a decent front yard at first.

yard 010

until the day I decided to separate my dogs from each other. My smaller terrier Shadow was getting too roughed up in battles with Trooper my new Rottweiler. Trooper wasn’t aggresive but Shadow was bent on proving he was pack leader and would continually start a scrap…he never won and would end up beat up so I put up a fence in my front yard and settled him into his new home.

  When we bought our home the front was a hodgepodge of dirt and scrappy plants so we added grass and I put in a pond. Shadow was just a small dog, how much damage could he really do other than wear a strip along the fence yapping at people as they walked by. Continue reading Trade good enough for spectacular in your front yard.

Persistence of an alley cat, brains of a knat

With weather warming you will often find me and my loyal State Trooper outside in my coop. I love critters and all the outdoor work that goes with farm life 😀 just look at this sweet baby face mut of mine, and he’s just as loving and loyal as he looks.

And goofy….he’s mighty goofy and always up for fun.

Play with me and I won’t eat your crazy chickens

But I am not on a farm so I have ingeniously re-created a backyard chicken farming lifestyle in my small town suburbia main street homestead. Some people say and think you can’t have the cake and icing to, I say that’s a crazy saying, that’s what icing is for 🙄 One day I hope to be on an acreage but for now this backyard farm will do. Continue reading Persistence of an alley cat, brains of a knat