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I am much more than that

I came across interesting thoughts and conversation this morning while responding back to bloggers who have visited and liked my blog or post. The topic for discussion that grabbed my attention involved photographers and artists. http://leannecolephotography.com/ and  http://cristianmihai.net Thoughts expressed were both interesting and complex, I really enjoyed all that I read and saw. Leanne Cole has fantastic photography and Cristian Mihai is an exceptional writer. In order to comment on the post I searched my mind for thoughts to share, this is what I said… Continue reading I am much more than that


That’s incredible, thats gotta hurt!

I received a wonderful surprise at the expense

of someone else. Here is my very short story

and pics of my new chickens and a super egg

they surprised me with. This is also the new coop

I’ve been renovating for my chickens leisure

and comfort. It is a great size barn style shed

that we have never gotten any use out of other

than to store things we never used. The south

side has been weathered by the sun and is

waiting for a paint jobber (me) along with the

door, new door, cut from new wood, me, should

be interesting.

If you saw my last post you might notice that my

front yard gives no indication to the fact that I

am a backyard chicken farmer. My neighbour calls

me accentric, I don’t know if thats good bad or even

true. I have many many interests, I don’t think

that makes me accentric.

What exactly does accentric really mean.

Odd as in weird

Odd as in different

Different as in not like most.

Unusual but also  interesting

Unusual but seems crazy

I ate the egg as the egg carton wouldn’t close. It was a double yoker. Now I’ve read up on what causes double yokers as people do get them from time to time and it is simply a screw up in the egg processing department deep down in the valley of the production system.

I also read that these hens cannot be bred so theoretically these double yoking chickys will eventually die out, so they say! Chickens wern’t invented yesterday so I say double yokers are here to stay; until they hit the dinner table at least. Not my babys though, I couldnt butcher my girls even if I knew how.


Welcome to my morning ritual!

I endure Dog stuff, Chicken stuff, Horny dogs, Rogue Rouen Ducks and psychotic menopausal dysfunctional moments (cutting my long hair crooked and off at neck length 2 weeks ago in the bathroom at 12pm with small paper scissors) “yup I really did”!

Barb 19, maybe I’ll see you in the nut house one day? Continue reading 13 EASY STEPS TO THE NUTHOUSE

Nerd Bird Bread aka french bread

I would like to express my thanks to the host of my film” fluffy butt” aka “Oliver” and my dough log boys “oogley and doogley” for their marvelous acting skills in the filming of this bread making thriller.

I will title this film “How to keep your Nerd Bird Bread Loaves happy 😀   Continue reading Nerd Bird Bread aka french bread

It’s decided…”We’ll never eat our young”

My freaky little flock of chickens and ducks lay eggs throughout the day, no particular time or place. I received 4 eggs this morning and 3 again this afternoon along with my first egg yolk if you can believe that; in case you can’t here’s the picture.


I had to remove it before word got around and the digression to cannibalism began. I reached in, grabbed the yolk with a handful of straw, turned and tripped over my loyal State Trooper. (behind me in his usual spot for egg moochin) Well the yolk dropped, Trooper pounced on it and all hell broke loose. The entire flock swarmed in to snatch it away from him. You probably don’t believe that either….I took a picture.

Troop didn’t leave much pickins for the chickens (hey, another rhyme)

The ducks.. well they were disgusted and left with their dignity in tact while Troop searched……………………

and searched and searched for his next favorite delicacy…ugh

But then the ducks  stopped for an introspective view and quacksession

And decided never to eat their young.