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How to build a dumb duck water dish

Getting creative with dumb ducks and drinking water in winter

Having a small backyard flock of ducks in winter can be a pain in the quacker. I have Muscovy ducks and even though they don’t spend the majority of their time enjoying water like other breeds they still jump in a tub of water and get cleaned up. My biggest problem was all my Muscovy ducks failed obedience training, they refused to adhere to the rules about bath time in the winter, which were few and simple. Continue reading How to build a dumb duck water dish


It’s decided…”We’ll never eat our young”

My freaky little flock of chickens and ducks lay eggs throughout the day, no particular time or place. I received 4 eggs this morning and 3 again this afternoon along with my first egg yolk if you can believe that; in case you can’t here’s the picture.


I had to remove it before word got around and the digression to cannibalism began. I reached in, grabbed the yolk with a handful of straw, turned and tripped over my loyal State Trooper. (behind me in his usual spot for egg moochin) Well the yolk dropped, Trooper pounced on it and all hell broke loose. The entire flock swarmed in to snatch it away from him. You probably don’t believe that either….I took a picture.

Troop didn’t leave much pickins for the chickens (hey, another rhyme)

The ducks.. well they were disgusted and left with their dignity in tact while Troop searched……………………

and searched and searched for his next favorite delicacy…ugh

But then the ducks  stopped for an introspective view and quacksession

And decided never to eat their young.