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reindeer fart card outside
reindeer fart inside card



Rudolph’s Nuggets aka caramels



I ran away from Santa’s Sleigh, I said I would on New Years Day
I’m tired of pulling that ole fart, he’s too damn fat and not that smart
I’m gonna find another herd, by way of trackin Reindeer turd Continue reading Rudolph’s Nuggets aka caramels

Meet Bud the Stud..Santas new lead hand

My rough side.

Meet Bud The Stud..Santas New Lead Hand

Bud the Stud looks like crud and hangs out in the john

He’s always ill from homemade swill, but still he mushes on

He cannot spell or write to well, so Santa took him in

He pulls the sleigh on Christmas day, while drinking rum and gin



I’m Merry Moo I smoke and chew, my milk will make you drunk

I have some broken teeth and I smell just like a skunk

My brain is fried from grass I’ve tried, so I feel really great

 But these old tricks aren’t working, I just can’t get a date

There it is, my naughty side.


God is perfect love. Perfect Love casts out fear. To believe is a choice, if you choose to believe He will reveal himself to you then you will Know.

God is all-knowing and all-powerful. He will give you His peace that surpasses all understanding.

Be strong and of good courage and know that he is God.

                                                               Just drop and kneel and pray

 The God I worship Jesus Christ The Saviour
Is full of love and hears me everyday
Anytime I find myself with trouble
I quickly drop and on my knees I pray
 I say Jesus how I need your mercy
I say Jesus how I need your grace
I believe in how you came to save me
    But Can’t imagine why you took my place
 I concentrate on him and then he moves me
 From fear and doubt into his Holy Place
He takes my life and molds it very slowly
It’s there I love to gaze upon his face
His love for me is just a far out miracle
His wisdom strength and love I need each day
He is always there when I’m with trouble
                                                               All I do is drop and kneel and pray

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Why Be Surprised at the Evil You See

Why be surprised at the evil you see, you’re shock and your anger is old

We molest our kids and photograph sex, these graphics are published and sold

They meet them online and think all is fine, our children are fooled so they trust

A stranger from hell, the lies that they tell, to satisfy Satan’s disgust

Through drugging and rape there is no escape, new horrors committed each day

Helpless and new, a black bag will do, the babies are thrown out this way

The drugs are a treat, like candy you eat, you need it they tell you it’s good

You take it and find you’ve now lost you’re mind, a guy with a gun and a hood

A girl and a guy both lost sick and high, they hook up and sickness they spread

What else do they do they use their kids to, for sale and for porn till their dead

Vulgarity thrives in movies and lives, so many hearts ugly and black

The putrid sin thrills, then weakens and kills, we need to block Satan’s attack

Disgusting and vile our lives have become, repulsive and rotting we stand

Lord hear us cry we’re broken and lost, we need you to take back this land

Who’s ready to fight we need some good men to take back this planet from hell

The army of Christ should pray through the night, start changing the stories we tell

We need to ask God for mercy and grace, we need to bend knees and retrieve

The life that Christ gave when he rose from the grave, we need to all pray and believe

Father in heaven, through Jesus we beg, forgiveness, please give us today

For letting us get so bad that our blood, our children with Evil they lay

Cast out the curse that lives in the heart, establish your laws once again

Through you the demons do scream and depart, if we speak out you’re name it can end


Come together in the Mighty name of Christ, the Mighty Son of God. He who reigns at the right hand of the Father is waiting for his people to form an army, great and fearsome to behold. A bold and mighty people persistent and relentless. Pressing on to restore righteousness where it is naught.

By Denise Wheeler

Boy Meets Girl

Don’t let my pretty face fool ya

I’m rugged and tough, I’m more than enough

On weekends I work, then I’m free

I think you’re a prize

Nice hair and nice eyes

So how bout a coffee with me!


You’ll have a good time

My companies fine

I’m honest and I love my Mom

So what do ya think

I’m clean I don’t stink

I know that we’ll have some fun

Designed for all you guys that don’t want rejection face to face, hell who does! just drop this little gem of a card on the desk of whom ever tickles your fancy then run, run far and fast. If she likes ya she’ll track ya down; if she don’t she won’t. The best part is you’ll never even know whether she dissed ya or was just fatally wounded on her way home.

Magical Whimsical Trippy and True


I drew the dragon as a request from my daughter Ashley.  She was working with kids at our local complex and needed a dinosaur picture.

She was also my assistant cook at Camp  in 2001 at an all girls camp and was also a youth Team Leader. You’ll see her at her finest down below here. Her experience with child care was obviously traumatic, she refuses to produce offspring to this very day.

What should I do with an Angel like you

I can’t seem to shake you you’re sticky like glue

You’re always there when I’m feeling blue

 I thank God for Angels like you

 Your perky and funky a cute little nut

You like to appear at the door of my hut

 Bouncy & jiggly straight for me you strut

 You rock & you roll me up out of my rut

 Your magical whimsical trippy & true

Your presence does sparkle then I become new

Then for you I pray my friend yes I do

Since I know that sometimes, you’re hurting to

 So what should I do with and Angel like you

I can’t seem shake you you’re sticky like glue

 Your not like the others some may say your odd

 It’s true friend your different, Sent to me from God


Ashley isn’t the inspiration for my poem but she is a jiggly little nut.

Judging from her picture here, refusing to produce offspring is a good idea.